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T. a knight to whoever may need one (re: Dooku, Alfie via Link)
L. no me ames para estar muriendo dentro de una guerra llena de arrepentimientos (w. Jyn)
L. the future is already here - just not evenly distributed (w. Kotetsu, Jyn/Kay/Veronica, Kay, Revan, Anakin)
L. Welcome to the Jungle [Event] (elevator w. Hux, musical with Kay)
VM. vague answers, from another galaxy (from Jyn)
L. it's going down (bar hopping w. Han, w. Gemini)
Meme. hot or not (re: Jyn)
L. in the Aerial Garden [May Swear-In & Butterfly Festival] (Jyn & Kay, Hux, Grievous, Veronica)
VM. I might have made a bad judgement call (from Kay) + lurk (Kay/Hux)
T. I know they're here, I can feel it (re: Luke re: Kylo Ren)
T. We are the Constellation
VM. who do you think's gonna come in next (from Han Solo)
T. I'm sure some of you can read this (re: Armitage Hux)
T. I do not have time to deal with your little world's problems (re: General Grievous)
VM. in case you want to follow up (to Jyn)
T. It's good they go back, right? (re: Jean Grey)
L. her lips to the heavens [dream sharing] (re: Jyn)
T. ways to learn to control (re: Jyn)
OOC. job change: Pie-Lots to HOPE
L. when you need a hand [HOPE event] (re: Kotetsu)
T. other people’s home-brewed chaos (re: Brendan Frye)
L. Watcha doin', mini-meatbags? [Kay recharging boardgame party]
VM. offer my services at your school (to Robert Callaghan)
VM. Luke Skywalker has finished the recharging station (from K-2SO)
T. design-a-droid (re: Revan + lurk near K-2SO)
T. hey, don't get stabbed (re: Utena Tenjou)
L. yo, girl, keep it together (re: Veronica Sawyer)
Meme. make me choose (to K-2SO, Luke S., Han S.)
T. a crystal I need (re: Luke and Han, Luke and April)
L. there's a dangerous kind of cool about you (re: Wanda Maximoff)
L. a miscalculation (re: Sherlock Holmes)
L. little ghost (w. Opal)
T. a weapon more suitable for this planet (re: Jyn) + embedded message (to Kay) + Kay/Jyn threadjack
P. He's wondering if he'll catch theirs [IC fishing intro] (the Major, Archie, Nike Lemercier, Normie Osborn, Anakin Skywalker, Sabriel, Kotetsu Kaburagi, Count Dooku, Alfie Solomons, Han Solo, Cosima Niehaus)
L. abruptly, he drops down from the roof (re: Kagerou {BP-500X})
L. You might even accuse her of enjoying herself (re: Daenerys Targaryen)
T. my children are sleeping (re: Catelyn Stark)
L. To a faithless man, you must ask, 'What power enables prophecy and sorcery in a world controlled by logic and law?' (w. K-2SO)
L. but if the silence takes you, then i hope it takes me, too (re: Jyn Erso)
L. oh god no, they don't know the new zero [arrival] (w. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Archie)
OOC. plurk friends
OOC. CR Meme
OOC. Comm Intro
OOC. Registration
[ [community profile] maskormenace ]

T. but i realize that i need you, and i wondered if i could come home. (w. Jyn)

[ [personal profile] sixthiteration ]
OTA. don't let the battles pick you, we never do go over, we always gotta go through (Kay)
T. Under a sky, no one sees Waiting Watching it happening [Fireflies] (re: Bodhi)
T. I'm pinned down by the dark, makes my head pirouette [Fireflies] (re: Jyn)
OOC. Spring Planting
T. my weakness terrifies me I must breathe in breathe out [Fireflies] (re: Finnick)
L. jannat al-ma'wa • sub rosa [epistolary]
T. Run, run, run away; buy yourself another day (re: Peeta Mellark*)
T. something silly, something strange, something new (w. Jyn re: Moana)
L. I can barely breathe when you're here loving me (w. Jyn)
February [353] -> toothbrush, multitool, seeds, inkpot/quill, paper reams [-220] = 133
T. Hello, 4:20? It's time (re: Ravi)
T. What goes on in that place in the dark? (re: Veronica Sawyer*)
T. You can try hard, don't mean a thing (re: Queenie Goldstein*)
T. Sam did the manly thing and screamed [cleaning & mixer] (re: Sam Wilson*)
L. La paz llegará, el amor siempre vivirá—No me ames, mas quedate otro dia (Jyn, Finnick, Bodhi Rook*)
L. Mi corazón te abrí, desde entonces llevo el cielo dentro de mí (w. Jyn, + Finnick)
T. I've got a bad feeling about this (re: Jyn Erso*) (Fin/An follow-up)
T. goodbye my darling (re: Peggy Carter)
T. blueish green ribbons of lights (re: Caius Vitale*)
T. Kriffing hell (re: Poe Dameron*)
L. Let the blind lead the blind [Town Meeting] (re: Gaius Gracchus*, Peggy/Kira/Ren, Clint Barton*)
OTA. exhalation of the ambivalent god (w. Margaery Tyrell*, Rory Williams*, Erik Lensherr)
January [245] -> knife, flint & steel [-120] = [125]
T. as quick as blinking (re: Rey*)
TDM. Cold fish (re: Poe Dameron)
T. if I can light the world up for just one day (re: Ygritte*)
T. we are the foxes [Town Meeting] (re: Erik Lensherr*)
T. the stronger you climb (re: Johanna Mason*)
T. uncover our heads and reveal our souls (re: Percival Graves*)
T. red crosses, wooden doors (re: Credence Barebone*)
T. through a glass darkly (re: Daniel Sousa*)
T. a spark desperate to get out (re: Cougar Alvarez*)
OTA. Si no estás aquí algo falta; y sueño llegar a tu alma tocar (Bucky Barnes*, Catherine Kelly*, Ravi Chakrabarti*, Sonny Carisi*, Kira Akiyama, Annie Cresta*)
TDM. Aurora or moose (Bodhi Rook, Queenie Goldstein)
OTA. Sigue andando el camino por toda su vida | Respira... [Arrival] (Kylo Ren*, Finnick Odair*, Peggy Carter*, Moana Waialiki*, Killian Jones*, Kira Akiyama*)

* first interaction

MoM. TDM (re: Mara Jade, Cheryl Blossom)
Etcelsior. Things I like about you
Etcelsior. Visualocities
RogueSquadron. hurt/comfort epic (w. [personal profile] incending)
Bakerstreet. Hugs (re: [personal profile] onlyeverdoubted)
Bakerstreet. Tinder (Jyn hacked by Kay) (re: [personal profile] kestreldawn)
dickinamusebox. floor is lava
Bakerstreet. lyrics prompt ([personal profile] herchoice - from musemostwanted invite)
Bakerstreet. pic prompt (w. [personal profile] builtonhope)
The Wake. TDM: Don't go back to Scarif (w. [personal profile] bodhi_rook)
Clockbox. TDM: Yule Log Station

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WHAT: his turn
WARNINGS: all of them
NOTE: ideas & OTP with [personal profile] kestreldawn, ideas & cameo from [personal profile] reexamined, ideas & mythology help from [personal profile] dun_moch

everything )

IC contact

Apr. 7th, 2017 11:12 pm
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Fulcrum; go
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Apr. 7th, 2017 11:04 pm
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Feedback welcome! (Hopefully less bluntly than Kaytoo would do)


Apr. 7th, 2017 10:56 pm
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CHARACTER SERIES: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: Yes!
Fourthwalling: Yes! Cassian probably won't believe it, but no reason not to give it a go.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): are right where I like them when they're in fiction, where one can safely grapple with 'em, rather than in the world. I'm up to try anything, have yet to be shocked or offended IC in years of RPing, and OOC conferring always welcome.

Hugging this character: Can't promise the outcome but totally up for the attempt.
Kissing this character: Likewise!
Flirting with this character: Absolutely. —If with possible techniquing: Cassian probably has raven training; not his strong suit (doesn't like it and isn't the best at it), but it's a game he's able to play. On the other hand, one of the few dark things he never did for the Rebellion was commit sexual violence, and he never wants to (in fact: haunted that he doesn't really know what he would have done if he'd ever been asked; there are many things he'd known for certain he wouldn't do that he ended up doing). So any manipulation on his end would not cross certain lines; the only possible less-than-eagerly-willing participant would only ever be himself. (Which isn't great either but y'know.)
Fighting with this character: He's incredibly skilled, fights dirty, and shoots first, but I'm happy as long as you don't mind me obsessively checking in OOC to make sure I'm not godmodding as we go.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Whatever's most interesting case by case!
Killing this character: No thanks for now, but we can always talk!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Absolutely. His anti-interrogation training offered no prep whatsoever for telepathy—there being no active Jedi in his time—and I'm an absolute sucker for that sort of thing. Have all the POV and inner monologuing and headcanon you can stand. ^_^

Stealing (appropriately) from [personal profile] kestreldawn: "I'm total rebelcaptain trash but totally willing to experiment with other ships!" ;-)

For [community profile] maskormenace
Primary Power: power-absorption
I'd really like for Cassian's MoM-given power to be dictated by YOU. He's going to have power-absorption, a la Peter Petrelli from Heroes, only on a one-at-a-time-and-temporary basis. But just as the powers of each of your characters is unique, whatever triggers his sharing them will also be unique! And I leave it to you to decide if/when it activates in any given scene. Neither Cassian nor I have any control of whether/when it happens, and I'd love for you to choose whatever moment/trigger you find most interesting/dramatic/funny/etc. Triggers can be anything… physical touch, moment of feeling the same emotion, proximity, sightline, some kind of keyword, having a goal in common, something much quirkier that I can't come up with alone but maybe you can… etc! The power sharing stops when the trigger condition also stops. You don't have to tell me what it is (just let me know when it happens) though you certainly can (if the narrative wants to explicate!). Basically: I want all the options you care to take. ^_^ So tell me here or have it come up during our scene!

Secondary Power: force-field generation
Your standard energy manipulation into a protective shield! On instinct alone, he can make it large enough for two people. With practice, he may be able to make it bigger. It will block any attack, physical or magical—with the catch being: from both sides. Nothing can get in, but also nothing can get out—he can't be hit by someone shooting at him but he can't shoot back through the shield either. In order to rejoin the fight, the shield will have to be lowered. It also prevents and/or stops cold any other power sharing/activation while inside it—and blocks telepathy entirely.

On the Permissions of others:
Veronica Sawyer, Revan, Count Dooku, Armitage Hux
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Document #A26L5 ("Operative: Glasnost[1]"), from Temple Base Archives
OPERATIONAL ALIASES [REDACTED] Aasch | Auris | M'thu | Rilio | Joreth Sward | Willix
LAST Andor | FIRST Cassian | MIDDLE Jeron
DECEASED Yes | DATE 3277 LY / 0 BBY | SITE Scarif
HEIGHT 1.78m | WEIGHT 55kg
HAIR Dk Brown | EYES Dk Brown | SKIN Lt Brown
FAMILY None. Last known: Jeron Andor (father) killed in anti-expansionist protest at Carida Academy 3257 LY
EDUCATION/TRAINING Confederacy of Independent Systems insurrectionist cell (child soldier) [Clone Wars era]; ast.'d anarchist movements [Imperial era]; Alliance military intelligence (SpecForce) since recruited by Gen. Draven [REDACTED]3266 LY
ALLEGIANCE Alliance to Restore the Republic - Intelligence Branch: Operations department (Acquisitions) - Massassi Unit
RANK Captain
C.O. General Davits Draven
PRIMARY FUNCTION Intelligence operative. Previously: informant network recruiter; ongoing: principle collector
• special op.s
• pilot
• sniper
• trainer

Adalog | Albarrio sector | Carida | Chemvau | Corulag | Coruscant | Dantooine | Darknell | Eadu | Eiloroseint | Jedha | Jelucan | Jenoport | Kafrene | Kanchen Sector | Ord Mantell | Scarif | Squarr | Ttaz | Varadan | Yavin IV | Zemiah

• recruitment and case officer for Jelucan source "Farir"
• as Black: sole survivor of Spectrum Unit
• captured Imperial Arakyd Industries KX security droid #K-2SO
• successfully reformatted K-2SO to serve Alliance
• as Willix: posed as government agent on Ord Mantell
• as Aasch: acted as contact for senator on Darknell
• as Sward: (undercover) assistant to Imperial Admiral Grendreef
• as Fulcrum: lead recruitment officer, Albarrio sector
• commanded Operation Fracture [locate & extract Imperial scientist and weapons designer Galen Erso]
  • case officer for Jyn Erso
  • • de facto first officer of Rogue One
    [1][someone in HQ's inside joke]



    Preexisting conditions
    as of [REDACTED]3266 LY:
    • healed broken right arm
    • healed broken right clavicle
    • healed broken right leg
    • healed broken ribs right fifth sixth seventh eighth
    • scarring and shrapnel right shoulder and back - shrapnel removed [REDACTED]3266 LY by Alliance med unit #48237
    • past head trauma, minor brain tissue scarring, no physical or cognitive impairment but possible mood effect
    • deep tissue scarring left hip to abdomen
    • nerve damage left lower abdomen
    • immunocompromization from untreated infections - cured [REDACTED]3266 LY by Alliance med unit #48237

    Significant injuries treated/procedures performed by Alliance Medtech

    [REDACTED]3266—3267 LY
    • mid level strains and fractures (training-common)

    [REDACTED]3268 LY
    • blaster burns
    • lacerations superficial to severe
    • dislocated shoulder
    • ruptured eardrum
    • Stress-Trauma electroreconditioning procedure performed by MU #12947 - secondary treatments to continue

    [REDACTED]3269 LY
    • Lt. Andor logged request for sterilization procedure - Gn. Draven denied

    [REDACTED]3271 LY
    • whiplash
    • concussion
    • internal bruising

    [REDACTED]3272 LY
    • broken toes
    • sprained ankles
    • shin splints

    [REDACTED]3273 LY
    • fractured phalanges and metacarpals right hand - nerve repair by MU #61218
    • [REDACTED]sedative overdose 3273 LY

    [REDACTED]3274 LY
    • Ct. Andor logged request for sterilization procedure - Gn. Draven approved
    • sterilization procedure performed by MU #32399

    [REDACTED]3275 LY
    • panskeletal fractures including skull and vertebrae
    • detached retinas
    • internal hemorrhaging
    • ruptured kidney
    • medical coma induced by MU #88434
    • STERC procedure performed by MU #12951

    [REDACTED]3276 LY
    • blaster burn upper right pectoral

    [REDACTED]3277 LY
    • deep tissue laceration lower left arm
    • muscle puncture lower left arm

    3277 LY/0 BBY
    - killed in action - death report by Gn. D. Draven

    Document #A26T14 ("Final Mission Assessment and Death Report") by Gen. Davits Draven
    Follow-up to Kafrene Report re: Imperial defector (cargo pilot: Bodhi Rook) carrying message of Imperial Superweapon ("planet killer") from Galen Erso to Saw Gerrera


    S1: locate and secure Jyn Erso
    S2: use J.E. to access S.G. on Jedha
    S3: authenticate B.R.'s story
    S4: locate G.E. & extract for senate testimony
    [REDACTED]S4ξ: sub rosa directive: assassinate G.E.

    Assistance: Andor's reprogrammed Imperial security droid serial #K-2SO


    Successful draft of J. Erso to liaise with Gerrera on Jedha.
    Report confirmed: Gerrera's organization and Jedha's Holy City destroyed by planet killer ("Death Star").
    J. Erso, Rook, 2 civilians (Chirrut Îmwe + Baze Malbus) extracted by Andor + K-2SO.
    Intel acquired: led to Imperial laboratory on Eadu.
    Andor's ship crashed on Eadu, assumed lost. X-Wing squadron dispatched.
    K-2SO reestablished communications. Andor requested delay on squadron support. Unable to comply, squadron already engaged. G. Erso killed.
    Andor delivered J. Erso to Base One to report on message she received from G. Erso [REDACTED] re: Death Star weakness.
    Allied Council vetoed further action.
    Mission closed.

    Before receiving new orders, Andor unilaterally recruited volunteers from Alliance military and SpecForce to assist Erso (with K-2SO, Rook, Îmwe, and Malbus) in retrieving Death Star schematics from Imperial base on Scarif.
    Took stolen Imperial cargo shuttle SW-0608 ("Rogue One") to infiltrate Scarif Base.
    Schematics successfully accessed and uploaded to Alliance support forces.
    Death Star destroyed Scarif Base. Andor declared dead with rest of Rogue One unit.

    Personal assessment: Captain Andor was one of the most capable agents within Rebel Intelligence, indeed our best and brightest, with consummate judgment and unwavering loyalty. Rogue One mission was unsanctioned but not technically against orders, undertaken in the face of the Council's proposal to disband the Alliance and surrender to the Empire. Without Rogue One, the rebel movement would have ended. Recommendation: memorialize with honors.

    (Supplementary sources: wookieepedia, Rebel Dossier, Ultimate Visual Guide)


    Dec. 21st, 2016 04:42 pm
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    Excerpts from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,
    novelization by Alexander Freed
    based on a story by John Knoll and Gary Whitta
    and screenplay by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy
    hardcover edition ©2016

    p21 )
    p22 )
    p22 )
    p23 )
    p23 )
    p24 )
    p25 )
    p25 )
    p25 )
    pp25-27 )
    38 )
    p40 )
    p41 )
    p42 )
    p43 )
    p44 )
    p44 )
    p45 )
    pp45-46 )
    pp61-62 )
    p65 )
    p65 )
    p67 )
    p68 )
    p70 )
    p70 )
    p71 )
    p72 )
    p72 )
    p73 )
    p73 )
    pp74-75 )
    pp75-77 )
    p80 )
    p83 )
    pp85-86 )
    p87 )
    p88 )
    p88 )
    p98 )
    p98 )
    p99 )
    p111 )
    pp112-113 )
    pp113-114 )
    pp115-116 )
    p116 )
    pp118-119 )
    pp124-125 )
    p127 )
    pp128-129 )
    p130 )
    p131 )
    pp136-138 )
    p138 )
    p139 )
    pp140-142 )
    pp142-143 )
    p145 )
    p149 )
    pp148-149 )
    p149 )
    p150 )
    pp150-151 )
    pp152-154 )
    pp157-158 )
    p161 )
    pp163-164 )
    p165 )
    p168 )
    pp168-169 )
    p169 )
    pp170-171 )
    pp182-185 )
    p185 )
    p193 )
    pp197-198 )
    pp202-204 )
    pp208-210 )
    p217 )
    pp217-218 )
    p219 )
    pp220-221 )
    p221 )
    p223 )
    p224 )
    p224 )
    p225 )
    p226 )
    p226 )
    p228 )
    p231 )
    pp249-250 )
    p260 )
    p260 )
    p270 )
    p270 )
    p272 )
    pp272-275 )
    p280 )
    pp281-282 )
    p292 )
    pp306-307 )
    pp311-313 )
    pp313-314 )

    image caption insets )

    From Star Wars: Rebel Rising
    by Beth Revis, © 2017 Disney-Lucasfilm Press

    p? )

    From Rebel Dossier: Info & Intel on the Rebellion's Bravest Band of Spies
    by Jason Fry, © & TM 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd.

    kids' book: no page numbers )

    From The Ultimate Visual Guide
    by Pablo Hidalgo
    © & TM 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd.

    Alliance Intelligence )

    Security Bypass )

    The Hard Calls )

    Intelligence Operative )

    Multifunctional Weapon )

    Other Gear )

    random )


    Jan. 26th, 2015 09:56 am
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    .: 001 :. The gun is less threatening than the lie (Draven POV: pre-, mid-, and post-film)

    .: 002 :. Stepping out of the smoke (Cassian POV of off-screen film moment)

    .: 003 :. The simulation pleased him (Kaytoo partnership origin)

    [All titles taken from Alexander Freed's Rogue One novelization]
    candor1: (Jyn . manos)
    Jyn Erso [specific to CR with [personal profile] kestreldawn]
    Detect my sudden existence on your sonar, feel the echo . Electrify the resistance in your broken heart and burn it up oh . We're gonna photosynthesize and drink up the sunrise .. Let me uncover the silver in your dark hair, the weight of your bones . I want to witness the beauty of your repair, the shape you've grown . For you are made of nebulas and novas and night sky . You're made of memories you bury or live by .. Some nights we open up the flood and some nights we are lost . And some nights we're choking on the words and some we light on fire .. If you're out there in the cold, I'll cover you in moonlight . If you're a stranger to your soul, I'll bring you to your birthright . I want the storm inside you awoken now . I want your warm, bright eyes . To come back to me and hold onto me . You know I won't lie . Don't ever look away, don't you ever look away[VT]

    Mi corazón te abrí | (My heart opened to you)
    desde entonces llevo el cielo dentro de mí | (since then I have the sky within me)[LF/JLG]

    Remember what we're fighting for . even on the darkest night . … . I will be your sword and shield . your camouflage, and you will be mine . … . We may be the first to fall . Everything can stay the same . Or we could change it all[SVRCINA]

    I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes . They've seen things that you never quite say, but I hear . Come out of hiding, I'm right here beside you . and I'll stay there as long as you let me . Because you matter to me . Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody . You matter to me . I promise you do; you . you matter, too . I promise you do, you'll see . you matter to me[SB]

    This is as good a place to fall as any, we'll build our altar here… I'm already on my knees… I'm not here for absolution…[F+tM]

    Podrá nublarse el sol eternamente; | (the sun may cloud forever)
    podrá secarse en un instante el mar; | (in an instant, the sea may dry)
    podrá romperse el eje de la tierra como un débil cristal. | (the hub of the world may break like crystal.)
    ¡Todo sucederá! (All of it will happen!)
    Podrá la muerte cubrirme con su fúnebre crespón; (death may cover me with his funereal shroud)
    pero jamás en mí podrá apagarse la llama de tu amor (but can never extinguish your love's flame in me)

    [And of course: D-Lun singing en Español/in English]

    [personal profile] carbonfrozen's great taste
    candor1: (Uwing . aún)

    Jeron Andor
    Carida Imperial Military Academy - Intelligence program
    Cassian's father. Took infant Cassian with him to Carida to be half-raised by the academy's daycare. Never told Cassian why his mother wasn't with them—or who she was. Didn't end up able to spend much time with his son, or entirely shake a touch of indoctrination when he did. Killed in anti-expansionist protest on Carida during the Clone Wars.
    I am the one who knows you • I am the one you fear • I am the one who's always been here •• I am the one who'll hear you • I know you told her that I'm not worth a damn • But I know you know who I am
    •• I'm holding on • And I won't let go •• I want you to know ••
    I am the one who held you • I am the one who cried • I am the one who watched while you died •• I am the one who loved you • I tried pretending that I don't give a damn • But you've always known who I am

    Xol Khriou
    Confederacy of Independent Systems (Fringe) Insurgency cell
    Rescued 6 year-old Cassian from the Carida riot when Jeron was killed. Took him with her back to the Fringe and continued to look out for him as much as she could between her own missions, as he was turned into a child soldier. One of his strongest memories of her is her holding his hand and smoothing his hair as a slightly more medically trained insurgent cut shrapnel from his back.
    "Who's afraid of the sun? Who would question the goodness of the mighty—we who banish the threat when your little ones all go nighty-nighty? Well, there's no time for doubt right now and less time to explain, so get back on your horses, kiss my ring, and join our next campaign" and the Empire grows with the news that we're winning, with more fear to conquer and more gold thread for spinning, bright as the sun shining on everyone. "Some would say that we forced our words and we find that ingenuously churlish. Words are just words. Don't be so pessimistic, weak, and girlish. We like strong happy people who don't think there's something wrong with pride. Work makes them free and we spread that freedom far and wide" and the Empire sows the seeds of its glory. For every five tanks, plant a sentimental story 'til they worship the sun, even Christ-loving ones "and we'll kill the terrorizers and a million other races, but when our people torture you, that's a few random cases. Don't question the sun. It doesn't help anyone" but the journalist cried out when it was too late to stop us. Everyone had awakened to the dream they could enter our colossus. "Now I'm right. Yeah, you said I'm right. There's nothing that can harm me 'cause the sun never sets on my dungeons or my army" and the Empire fell on its own splintered axis and the Emperor wanes as the silver moon waxes and the farmers will find gold coins in their strawberry fields while somebody somewhere twists his ring and someone kneels. Oh, where is the sun shining for everyone? Where is the sun shining for everyone?[DW]

    Davits Draven
    Alliance to Restore the Republic: Military Intelligence - General
    Recruited 16 year-old Cassian from Fringe anarchist movements and began personally grooming him, overseeing his military and SpecForce training, and eventually direct mentorship in Intelligence. (A track Cassian initially found hard to swallow re: Jeron.) They grew to have great respect for and implicit trust in one another. They always kept their relationship strictly formal, but within that, there was a unique level of comfort—despite Draven increasingly giving Cassian orders in darkening shades of grey. Remained one of the only constants in Cassian's life until its end. Draven would be one of the keepers and defenders of Cassian's and Jyn Erso's legacy thereafter.

    Mon Mothma
    Alliance to Restore the Republic: Co-Founder & High Commander
    Grew to know Cassian about as well as anyone would, as he became one Draven's most trusted lieutenants. They never pursued any kind of personal relationship—even had they ever had the time—but Mon Mothma made sure several times to go out of her way to let Cassian know his work was valued and impactful. She mentioned him in several inter-command communiques with Draven, expressing guilt and concern for what kind of life would be possible for someone like Cassian after what the Alliance had made him do. —On a lighter note, when Cassian was assigned to go undercover as military aide to Imperial Admiral Grendreef, Mon Mothma provided the final detail of his prep, with assistance from Bail Organa, by teaching him Core-style ballroom dancing.
    Mine are like the wings of a butterfly . A dusty pair so . Don't you touch them or I'll never fly anywhere . (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. Ever see the wings of a dragonfly? . Paper-thin and cellophane . And quickly broken like the will to live for a mind in pain (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. I cannot change what is and . I cannot make it die . But I can love with all my heart . The wretches gone awry (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. You know I can be rid of my time and the moon will always shine . 'Cause he knows I need him to walk this vile and crooked line (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. And you can own all the light in the world and still be blind . And lie and hide away from the people in the world and still be kind (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. All I ask is you let me be to live like I do . I'll never be part but someday I will pass on through (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. You can pull the wings from a dragonfly . And you can kill the flight of a butterfly . But you can't harm me for I live with the freedom to decide (And the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by) .. You cannot change what is and . You cannot make it die . But you can love with all your heart . The wretches gone awry (Yes the wretches have gone awry I saw them walk on by)[HR]

    Stettan Ve Dorosz
    Alliance to Restore the Republic Military: SpecForce - Spectrum Unit
    Ophelia's drowned in the cold, cold flood • A thorn by any other name draws blood • Deep red drops on a scarlet bud • Daddy we comin' home •• We don't know where home lies now • But we'll turn up there some damned how • Drawn to the barn and the busted plow • And the graves all overgrown •• Because we are the children of the joshua tree • Longtime losers and o.g. wannabes • Mama's in the corn and the field's been trampled • You can't reason with a soul in shambles[DC]

    Narede Foa
    Alliance to Restore the Republic Military: SpecForce - Spectrum Unit
    Here comes the beekeeper • With her pitcher full of smoke • She'll put us all to sleep • I hope it's dreamless and it's deep • Sweet Prometheus, come home • They took away our fire • And all that this scarcity promotes • Is desperate men and tyrants •• The surgeon and farmer meet • And each greets the other with a bow • They're kindred instruments, you know • The scalpel and the plow • And in the shadow of the mountain • We work when work abounds • And we wear out all our prayers • When the work runs out •• What fine design • What hands • What minds • The envy of Eden • Our tools and our reason • It's clear in the animals' eyes • We stand • Upright • Build fires • At night • Made on the sixth day • To rest on the seventh • And now we just try to survive ••[D]

    Xilo Kyrhoxis
    Alliance to Restore the Republic Military: SpecForce - Spectrum Unit
    now I know she never was and never will • you don't know how you've betrayed me • and somehow you've got everybody fooled •• without the mask • where will you hide? • can't find yourself • lost in your lie •• I know the truth now • I know who you are • and I don't love you anymore •• it never was and never will be • you're not real and you can't save me •• somehow now you're everybody's fool[E]

    Alliance Informant Network - Jelucan Source
    A professional escort regularly retained by Imperial staff on shore leave. Recruited by Cassian to the Alliance informant network. When an assignment of Cassian's demanded it, Farir provided raven training.
    She's a Latter Day Saint But she's a Saturday sinner • Suicide Sunday desserts for weekends drinking her dinner • The worry keeps her slender • The pills keep her awake • Her man can't make her happy, but he helps to still the shakes • Met her boyfriend at the bar, said he'd stick to beer • Said I could keep the cocktails, martinis taste like tears • I asked if he would leave her • What with all the grief • He passed the pitcher back to me and asked what I believe • I said virginity is a childhood disease • And these days it seems have interest in the addict thief • Patience for the epigrammatic, the brief • There's only four ways to acquire • Anyone who says different is a salesman or a liar • You can find it, earn it, make it or steal it • I haven't found a single way to keep it • Cause you can leash it, it'll leave • You can teach it to stay and it'll leave • You can case and display it, decay and waste it away • And day by day it leaves you by degrees • He put his hand on my knee, sometimes that's what it takes • He doesn't make me happy, but he helps to still the shakes
    •• Put all your words away • For all the noise you make • You were always safe • You were always • You were always • You were always safe • With me ••

    d'Djiera al-Terasu
    Alliance Asset
    Cassian spent a week alone with d'Djiera on Ttaz as her caretaker/bodyguard, keeping her safe and secret before fulfilling her function (which, on a need-to-know basis, he never knew) in the Varadan infiltration.

    he has agreed to take me to the ice hotel from the magazine – what we will need is a gleaming key made of ice as well by the finest ice machine –– it's there that no one will stare at your jaws in your long fur, the claws in your fingers – it's in the past when the passers-by laughed at your strange way of speaking, your batteries leaking – oh, no – oh God no – they don't know the new zero – oh god no, they don't know the new zero –– uniforms worn so leisurely, the reindeer skins, the privacy – where was he born? he's asking me, flapping his fins very impressively –– it's there that no one will stare at your jaws in your long fur, the claws in your fingers – it's in the past when the passers-by laughed at your strange way of speaking, your batteries leaking – oh, no, oh God no, they don't know the new zero – oh god no, they don't know the new zero –– I really don't care and neither does he if this hotel melts into the sea – polished up so rare, this way that we see – the coldness helps, it's our favorite remedy –– it's there that no one will stare at your jaws in your long fur, the claws in your fingers – it's in the past when the passers-by laughed at your strange way of speaking – your battery's leaking – oh, no – oh God no – they don't know the new zero – oh God, no, they don't know the new zero –– [R]

    Uilt Grendreef
    Galactic Empire's Imperial Military: Naval Branch - admiral
    [TK: +family]

    Alliance to Restore the Republic Military: SpecForce acquisition - aide to Captain Andor
    Cassian had declined to take on a partner or work with a steady team since Spectrum's destruction. After two instances of Cassian having to extract and deliver himself to Alliance medaid at serious (unnecessary) risk, Draven insisted Cassian change that. Cassian held out, until a compromise presented itself. A mission succeeded in capturing and neutralizing an Imperial KX security droid. Cassian requested custody of it. With the tutelage of some of his intelligence network slicers, Cassian successfully reformatted the droid to restored function and Alliance loyalty. Then he pitched the compromise and Draven approved it. K-2SO was assigned as Cassian's aide, thus providing the support (and companionship) Draven had mandated (and Cassian had unknowingly starved for), without the complexity, unpredictability, and loss of unilateral control that biological life forms inevitably entail.


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