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retrorenegade. com.arakyd.ArakydFSCompressionTypeDataless mod start (001. Wake Up, 002. Restoration, 003. Initiation, 004. Incursion / transition, 005. Hack / Cleared) (+ Kay/Skeets referencing)
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L. He hated being bored and he really hated having idle time on his hands (re: Hux)
L. no emotion that's worth having could call my heart its home (re: Wanda Maximoff)
T. what would you do with your last day (re: Magnus Chase)
T. I wish for more clarity (re: Grievous)
VM. re 34 ABY [TLP] (to: Poe)
VM. copy of timeline project attached [TLP] (to: Leia)
T. where are all the best places to take someone out for a classy first date (re: Han)
T. you can barely even get to your own moon (re: Cad Bane)
T. I was walking here— worse than a pushy Jawa... (re: Leia Organa)
T. I have collected a list of thirty names (re: Kay re: Hartley)
T. I can't sleep. Leave suggestions below (re: D33)
T. I'm on my way back home (re: Bodhi)
P. apparently dumped and drunk o'clock (Kotetsu, Poe, Hux, Gem!Jyn)
T. This is Bodhi Rook. He is missing (re: Kay, Hux)
L. I'm not near as bad as I seem to be [Regret & Forgiveness event]
T. i'm cool as fuck, so i don't know how this shit works (re: Rosa)
T. I'm not bailing those two out (re: Finn and Lando)
L. come back to me, come back to me, and say my land is fair (Poe/Bodhi, Sansa Stark, Sabriel)
P. ~ ~ way out in the water see it swimming where is my mind ~ ~ [return from portout/first Broadcast Mind] (Hermann Gottlieb, Anakin, Bodhi, Jyn, Veronica, Kay, Han, Poe, Cosima)
OOC. Power update: Broadcast Mind / Update: impersonation (about this while he's gone: first missing log, Jyn's network post, Veronica's network post, still missing log)
L. week two - maurtia falls - July 23rd (Han), 24th (Luuke), 25th (Kay, Jyn, Bodhi) {event: artillery ambush}
T. someone, anyone come pick up Helper (re: Skeets re: Rusty Venture)
P. Timeline Project - Stage 2 [TLP]
L. Someone should ask him what he's up to (re: Han)
VM. There's someone going around pretending to be me (from: Veronica)
L. Listening for patterns in the sound (re: Bodhi Rook/Jyn)
L. It wasn't a bantha… it [was] a park bench (re: Poe Dameron)
T. I have perfect recollection of what milk it supposed to look like (re: Kay/Jyn)
T. an improvement or a burden? (re: Godric, inner monologue re Constellation)
L. jannat al-ma'wa [Neojedha/Haven] (Kay, Jyn, Gemini, Jyn/Eun-ji)
L. blue skin, red eyes and that Wild West outfit (re: Cad Bane)
VM. text at three in the morning dammit Han (ants)
Meme. Confessions (re: CD, VS, AH, Riptide re: Skeets)
VM. The one before and After you (from Jyn)
T. she wouldn't have been against Cassian lurking in secret nearby (re: Jyn/Graves)
T. when asked for your verdict, what would you say? (re: Revan)
TDM. he takes it all in with wide eyes (re: Bodhi Rook)
L. What's left to protect (w. Veronica, Jyn, Rosa Diaz)
T. My office is always open to petitioners (re: Lucy Pevensie; follow-up to convo w. the Major)
T. What's the best way to catch a fish? (re: Will Graham, Kaytoo)
T. I can see a big light blur now (re: Han, Luke + K2)
VM. I can't believe it was you (Jyn)
P. Timeline Project - stage one [TLP] (Grievous, Hux + 1, Jyn, K2 + Luke, Lando, Dooku + 1, Han, Anakin)
T. Today is Memorial Day (re: The Major)
T. I was interrupted in the midst of a critical battle (re: General Grievous)
VM. I might have made a bad judgment call (re: K2)
T. I'm sure some of you can read this (re: Armitage Hux, + K2)
T. I hear there are ways for us to learn how to control our… powers (re: Jyn)
T. if they go back to where they're from, then it's a good thing? (re: Jean Grey)
T. if I can’t figure out a way to not be one more burden for the people with real powers (re: Brendan Frye)
T. Design-a-droid (re: Revan, + Kaylurk)
T. The government gives us these jobs when we get here (re: Utena Tenjou)
T. A friend of mine has a crystal I need, but I don't want to take hers ( Hanlurk re: Luke)
T. a weapon more suitable for this planet (re: Jyn, + Kayjack)
P. hello. My name's Cassian (The Major, Archie, Nike Lemercier, Normie Osborn, Anakin Skywalker, Sabriel, Kotetsu Kaburagi, Count Dooku, Alfie Solomons, Han, Cosima Niehaus)
T. my children are sleeping (re: Catelyn Stark)

[dammit what happened? restoration in progress!]
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{{ sourcedata }}

NOTE: Colorcoding is IC but anonymous; this key is OOC!
    Cassian Andor
    Lando Calrissian
    Count Dooku
    Jyn Erso
    Armitage Hux
    Anakin Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker
    Han Solo

an imPort history of the "Ashla" Galaxy
regions: Deep Core, Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim, Outer Rim, Unknown Territories
Rimma and Perlemian Trade Routes, Hydian Way, Corellian Trade Spine
dwarf satellite galaxy: Rishi Maze

c. 26,463 TYA / 6,347 BTC
/ 10000 BBY
  • hyperspace travel discovered
  • Jedi Order founded
  • Hundred-Year Darkness; Sith Order founded

c. -2744 LY / 6021 BBY
  • Sith Empire formed
    Galactic domination achieved through slavery

Prior to 2245 LY
/ 1032 BBY
  • Battle of Takodana begins Jedi-Sith War
  • Sith are defeated, Jedi driven into hiding
  • Old Republic collapses
  • Galactic Republic founded

3236 LY / 41 BBY
  • Anakin Skywalker born on Tatooine

3245 LY / 32 BBY
  • Blockade of Naboo
  • Naboo invaded by Trade Federation's private droid army
  • Chancellor Valorum secretly deployed Jedi to Naboo
  • Naboo's Queen Amidala brought by Jedi to the Galactic Senate; her appeal for justice countered by Trade Federation's demands for proof of planet-wide occupation; Senate declines to act
  • Chancellor Valorum ousted by vote of no confidence
  • Naboo Senator Sheev Palpatine elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic
  • Republic ally Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn killed by Trade Federation ally and Sith Lord Darth Maul
  • Anakin Skywalker accepted as Jedi Padawan

between 3245 LY / 33 BBY and 3253 LY / 24 BBY
  • Dooku leaves Jedi Order, reclaims ancestral title of Count on Serenno
  • Count Dooku founds the Independent Movement for Self-Determination (precursor to CIS)

    mission statement of the principles of the new Separatist Alliance, by Count Dooku

    an efficient and representative elected government instead of the bloated stagnation of the Republic Senate, private interests represented in the Separatist Council with their wealth used to help fund the cause, and an independent droid security force to keep order and defend against criminals, without relying on the Jedi

3255 LY / 22 BBY
  • star systems split from Galactic Republic to form Confederacy of Independent Systems with Dooku, Count of Serenno, as Head of State; beginning the Separatist "Movement"/"Crisis"
  • Galactic Republic Senate debates Military Creation Act, resulting in Chancellor Palpatine given emergency powers of unilateral military creation
  • Battle of Geonosis begins the Clone Wars

    a massive secret army of clone troopers, bred years in advance by the reclusive genetics experts of the water world Kamino, invaded the Separatist world of Geonosis

3256-3257 LY / 21-20 BBY
  • Dooku commands Separatist Droid Army to invade Onderon
  • Separatists overthrown Onderonian King Dendup, installing CIS puppet king Sanjay Rash
  • Onderonians Saw and Steela Gerrera banished for attempting to displace Rash; gather resistance
  • A movement for peace negotiations with the Republic spearheaded by the Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri of Onderon, that was approved in a vote by the Separatist Parliament, fell apart after Bonteri was killed in a Republic attack
  • continued 'manufacture' of clone troopers
  • Bills passed for financial deregulation and military enhancement in the Republic Senate, allowing the InterGalactic Banking Clan to fund the purchase of five million further clone troopers through a massive high-interest loan to the Republic

3257 LY / 20 BBY
  • Saw Gerrera made leader of the Onderon Rebels
  • OR base moved to Sector S-29
  • first OR victory against CIS
  • Saw Gerrera and King Dendup taken into custody
  • Dendup returns to throne after final battle with Separatists; Steela Gerrera killed in action
  • Invasion of Umbara

3258 LY / 19 BBY
  • Order 66 initiates Jedi Purge, ending the Jedi Order
  • Separatist Council, including Count Dooku and Supreme Commander General Grievous, killed in succession, ending CIS as an organized galactic government
  • "Empire Day": Galactic Republic is reorganized into the Galactic Empire; Palpatine declares himself Emperor
  • Saw Gerrera forms the Partisans against the Empire

3259 LY / 18 BBY
  • Western Reaches Pacification Operations initiated against CIS

3260 LY / 17 BBY
  • Siege of Lasan
  • Lasan Suppression

3262 LY
/ 15 BBY
  • Western Reaches Pacification Operations brought to a close

3263 LY
/ 14 BBY
  • The Berch Teller Campaign
  • The Tarkin Doctrine
    transcription: public statement by Wilhuff Tarkin on his promotion to Grand Moff by Emperor Palpatine; recreated by representative Fulcrum:

    The factor that contributed most to the demise of the Republic was not, in fact, the war, but rampant self-interest. Endemic to the political process our ancestors engineered, the insidious pursuit of self-enrichment grew only more pervasive through the long centuries, and in the end left the body politic feckless and corrupt. Consider the self-interest of the Core Worlds, unwavering in their exploitation of the Outer Systems for resources; the Outer Systems themselves, undermined by their permissive disregard of smuggling and slavery; those ambitious members of the Senate who sought only status and opportunity.
    The reason our Emperor was able to negotiate the dark waters that characterized the terminal years of the Republic and remain at the helm through a catastrophic war that spanned the galaxy is that he has never been interested in status or self-glorification. On the contrary, he has been tireless in his devotion to unify the galaxy and assure the well-being of its myriad populations. Now, with the institution of sector and oversector governance, we are in the unique position to repay our debt to the Emperor for his decades of selfless service, by lifting some of the burden of quotidian rulership from his shoulders. By partitioning the galaxy into regions, we actually achieve a unity previously absent; where once our loyalties and allegiances were divided, they now serve one being, with one goal: a cohesive galaxy in which everyone prospers. For the first time in one thousand generations our sector governors will not be working solely to enrich Coruscant and the Core Worlds, but to advance the quality of life in the star systems that make up each sector-keeping the spaceways safe, maintaining open and accessible communications, assuring that tax revenues are properly levied and allocated to improving the infrastructure. The Senate will likewise be made up of beings devoted not to their own enrichment, but to the enrichment of the worlds they represent.
    This bold vision of the future requires not only the service of those of immaculate reputation and consummate skill in the just exercise of power, but also the service of a vast military dedicated to upholding the laws necessary to ensure galactic harmony. It may appear to some that the enactment of universal laws and the widespread deployment of a heavily armed military are steps toward galactic domination, but these actions are taken merely to protect us from those who would invade, enslave, exploit, or foment political dissent, and to punish accordingly any who engage in such acts. Look on our new military not as trespassers or interlopers, but as gatekeepers, here to shore up the Emperor's vision of a pacified and prosperous galaxy.

3266 LY / 11 BBY
  • The Gorse Conflict
  • K-2SO made on Vulpter

3271 LY / 6 BBY
  • The Westhills Massacre

3273 LY
/ 4 BBY
  • Imperial blockade of Lothal

3275 LY
/ 2 BBY
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic formed by Mon Mothma and Bail Organa
    document: Declaration of Rebellion by Mon Mothma to Emperor Palpatine; recreated by representative Fulcrum:

    We, the beings of the Rebel Alliance, do this day send forth this Declaration to His Majesty, the Emperor, and to all sentient beings in the Galaxy, to make clear to all the Purposes and Goals of this Rebellion.
    We firmly acknowledge the importance and necessity of the institution of Galactic Government. We accept that all must subjugate themselves to that Government, giving up certain rights and freedoms, in return for peace, prosperity and happiness for all.
    We believe that the Galactic Government derives its power and right to rule from the consent of the governed. We believe that, should the rights of free beings be willfully and malignantly usurped, it is the unalienable right of said beings to alter or abolish said Government.
    We believe that the Galactic Empire has willfully and malignantly usurped the rights of the free beings of the Galaxy and therefore, it is our unalienable right to abolish it from the Galaxy.
    We do not take this course lightly. Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, but when a Government displays a history of usurpation, abuse and moral atrocity, displaying a clear design to subjugate totally and absolutely beings born free under the auspices of nature, it is our right—our duty—to depose of that Government.
    The history of the present Galactic Empire is of repeated injuries upon its members, with the direct objective of establishing you, Emperor Palpatine, as absolute tyrant over the Galaxy:
      You have disbanded the Senate, the voice of the people;
      You have instituted a policy of blatant speciesism and genocide against the nonhuman peoples of the Galaxy;
      You have overthrown the chosen leaders of planets, replacing them with Moffs and Governors of your choice;
      You have raised taxes without the consent of those taxed;
      You have murdered and imprisoned millions without benefit of trial;
      You have unlawfully taken land and property;
      You have expanded the military far beyond what is necessary and prudent, for the sole purpose of oppressing your subjects.
    We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name—and by the authority—of the free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions:
      To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal;
      To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings;
      To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire;
      To make forever free all beings in the galaxy.
    To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives.

  • The Battle of Atollon
  • Under guidance of Bail Organa and Rebel Command, Saw Gerrera investigates disappearance of native species on Geonosis

3275-3276 LY
/ 2-1 BBY
  • schism between Alliance and Partisans
    Alliance High Command disavows Gerrera's extremist tactics

  • Partisans relocate to Jedha

3277 LY / 0 BBY
  • Jedha City destroyed by Death Star
    Confirmation of the existence and first known use of the planet-killing superweapon. Jedha City had been under Imperial occupation harvesting kyber crystals for the Death Star's construction. Partisans including Saw Gerrera killed in the shockwave from NiJedha's destruction.

  • The Battle of Scarif
    The Allied Council held a vote to disband and surrender. A squad of Rebel volunteers used a stolen Imperial cargo shuttle (renamed "Rogue One") for unauthorized engagement. Intel from Death Star designer [REDACTED]Galen Erso via Imperial defector [REDACTED]Bodhi Rook led Rogue One to infiltrate the Imperial security complex on Scarif to steal the Death Star's schematics, which would show an exploitable flaw hidden by [REDACTED]Erso for the Alliance. Plans successfully transmitted before the Death Star destroyed the facility and surrounding biosphere. All members of Rogue One ([REDACTED]Cassian Andor • Arro Basteren • Yosh Calfor • Eskro Casrich • Jyn Erso • Chirrut Îmwe • K-2SO • Farsin Kappehl • Baze Malbus • Jav Mefran • Ruescott Melshi • Paodok'Draba'Takat • Bodhi Rook • Serchill Rostok • Taidu Sefla • Stordan Tonc) were killed.

    Plans received by Princess Leia Organa, who hid them in astromech unit R2-D2 before she was captured by Darth Vader. R2 located Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine; Kenobi arranged R2 to be returned to Alliance by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo

  • "The Disaster": Death Star destroys Alderaan
  • Luke Skywalker and Han Solo rescue Leia Organa from Death Star; Obi-wan Kenobi killed by Darth Vader
  • Battle of Yavin
    Death Star followed Skywalker, Solo, and Organa to Alliance Base. The Alliance was able to analyze the plans in R2 and launch a counteroffensive. After heavy losses, Skywalker fired the shot that destroyed the station. All aboard the Death Star were killed including Grand Moff Tarkin

  • 0 ABY - 3 ABY
  • Princess Leia Organa searches for Alderaanian survivors
  • Han Solo enters Dragon Void Race and picks up Rebellion agents along the way
  • Organa, Solo, and Skywalker lead missions against major weapons facilities, including Cymoon 1

  • Battle of Hoth

    new Alliance Base found by the Empire, Rebellion goes back on the run

  • Empire gained control of Cloud City at Bespin

  • Battle of Endor
    Bothan spies gain intel that the Empire is building a second Death Star in the skies above the forest moon of Endor. After assembling near Sullust, a small group of Rebel forces went down to the moon to disable the shield generators while the Rebel fleet engaged the second Death Star directly.

    Death Star II destroyed. Emperor Palpatine killed by last of the Jedi. Imperial Grand Admirals and Moffs take charge of the Empire. Rebel Alliance attempt to establish a New Republic.

  • Siege of Arkanis
    one of the many battles… of the Rebel Alliance attacking Imperial planets

  • Battle of Jakku
    Imperial forces spread into the Unknown Regions

  • Galactic Concordance
    the New Republic attempts to establish itself, claims to disarm while secretly funding a militia to continue attacking not only Imperial forces but Imperial citizens as well

34 ABY
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WHAT: his turn
WARNINGS: all of them
NOTE: ideas & OTP with [personal profile] kestreldawn, ideas & cameo from [personal profile] reexamined, ideas & mythology help from [personal profile] dun_moch

UPDATE: final draft on archiveofourown

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Fulcrum; go
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Feedback welcome! (Hopefully less bluntly than Kaytoo would do)


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CHARACTER SERIES: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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For [community profile] maskormenace
CHOOSE YOUR OWN power-sharing trigger! )

Secondary Power: force-field generation
Your standard energy manipulation into a protective shield! On instinct alone, he can make it large enough for two people. With practice, he may be able to make it bigger. It will block any attack, physical or magical—with the catch being: from both sides. Nothing can get in, but also nothing can get out—he can't be hit by someone shooting at him but he can't shoot back through the shield either. In order to rejoin the fight, the shield will have to be lowered. It also prevents and/or stops cold any other power sharing/activation while inside it—and blocks telepathy entirely.

Terciary Power: broadcast mind
He hates this one. His thoughts and memories and dreams get projected onto the comm network, for anyone to watch like a movie—either when he tries to use it for other purposes or just spontaneously. He refused to use it on purpose so he'll use it unwittingly. His eidetic memory makes them clearer and more linear to watch than other projections might be, though it can still be chaotic. He desperately wants to find a way to control this one but for the foreseeable future will fail.

On the Permissions of others:
Veronica Sawyer, Revan, Count Dooku, Armitage Hux, Jyn Erso, Gemini de Mille
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Document #A26L5 ("Operative: Glasnost[1]"), from Temple Base Archives
OPERATIONAL ALIASES [REDACTED] J'din Aasch | Aulif Kol | Cav Rilio | Joreth Sward | Gabrael Tarva | Mthu Willix
LAST Andor | FIRST Cassian | MIDDLE Jeron
DECEASED Yes | DATE 3277 LY / 0 BBY | SITE Scarif
HEIGHT 1.78m | WEIGHT 55kg
HAIR Dk Brown | EYES Dk Brown | SKIN Lt Brown
FAMILY Jerón Andor (father), Yaval, born ?, deceased: Carida Military Academy 3257 LY (riot). Seidh Cnáimhín (mother), Festrin, born ?, deceased: Fest 3255 LY (massacre).
EDUCATION/TRAINING Confederacy of Independent Systems insurrectionist cell [REDACTED]Sullust Team Nebula/Fissure; ast.'d Outer Rim anarchist movements; Alliance military intelligence (SpecForce) since recruited by Gen. Draven [REDACTED]3266 LY
ALLEGIANCE Alliance to Restore the Republic - Intelligence Branch: Operations department (Acquisitions) - Massassi Unit
RANK Captain
C.O. General Davits Draven
PRIMARY FUNCTION Intelligence operative. Previously: informant network recruiter; ongoing: principle collector
• special op.s
• pilot
• sniper
• raven
• trainer

Adalog | Albarrio sector | Carida | Chemvau | Corulag | Coruscant | Dantooine | Darkknell | Eadu | Eiloroseint | Fest | Five Points System (5PStation/Hirara) | Jedha | Jelucan | Jenoport | Kafrene | Kanchen Sector | Lothal | Ord Mantell | Scarif | Squarr | Sullust | Ttaz | Varadan | Yavin IV | Zemiah

• recruiter and case officer for Jelucan source "Farir"
• as Black: sole survivor of Spectrum Unit
• successfully reformatted captured Imperial Arakyd Industries KX security droid #K-2SO to serve Alliance
• as Willix: posed as government agent on Ord Mantell
• as Aasch: acted as contact for senator on Darknell
• as Sward: (undercover) assistant to Imperial Admiral Grendreef
• as Fulcrum: lead recruitment officer, Albarrio sector
• commanded Operation Fracture [locate & extract Imperial scientist and weapons designer Galen Erso]
  • case officer for Jyn Erso
  • • de facto first officer of Rogue One
    [1][someone in HQ's inside joke]



    Preexisting conditions
    as of [REDACTED]3266 LY:
    • healed broken right arm
    • healed broken right clavicle
    • healed broken right leg
    • healed broken ribs right fifth sixth seventh eighth
    • scarring and shrapnel right shoulder and back - shrapnel removed [REDACTED]3266 LY by Alliance med unit #48237
    • past head trauma, minor brain tissue scarring, no physical or cognitive impairment but possible mood effect
    • deep tissue scarring left hip to abdomen
    • nerve damage left lower abdomen
    • immunocompromization from untreated infections - cured [REDACTED]3266 LY by Alliance med unit #48237

    Significant injuries treated/procedures performed by Alliance Medtech

    [REDACTED]3266—3267 LY
    • mid level strains and fractures (training-common)

    [REDACTED]3268 LY
    • blaster burns
    • lacerations superficial to severe
    • dislocated shoulder
    • ruptured eardrum
    • Stress-Trauma electroreconditioning procedure performed by MU #12947 - secondary treatments to continue

    [REDACTED]3269 LY
    • Lt. Andor logged request for sterilization procedure - Gn. Draven denied

    [REDACTED]3271 LY
    • whiplash
    • concussion
    • internal bruising

    [REDACTED]3272 LY
    • broken toes
    • sprained ankles
    • shin splints

    [REDACTED]3273 LY
    • fractured phalanges and metacarpals right hand - nerve repair by MU #61218
    • [REDACTED]sedative overdose 3273 LY

    [REDACTED]3274 LY
    • Ct. Andor logged request for sterilization procedure - Gn. Draven approved
    • sterilization procedure performed by MU #32399

    [REDACTED]3275 LY
    • panskeletal fractures including skull and vertebrae
    • detached retinas
    • internal hemorrhaging
    • ruptured kidney
    • medical coma induced by MU #88434
    • STERC procedure performed by MU #12951

    [REDACTED]3276 LY
    • blaster burn upper right pectoral

    [REDACTED]3277 LY
    • deep tissue laceration lower left arm
    • muscle puncture lower left arm

    3277 LY/0 BBY
    - killed in action - death report by Gn. D. Draven

    Document #A26T14 ("Final Mission Assessment and Death Report") by Gen. Davits Draven
    Follow-up to Kafrene Report re: Imperial defector (cargo pilot: Bodhi Rook) carrying message of Imperial Superweapon ("planet killer") from Galen Erso to Saw Gerrera


    S1: locate and secure Jyn Erso
    S2: use J.E. to access S.G. on Jedha
    S3: authenticate B.R.'s story
    S4: locate G.E. & extract for senate testimony
    [REDACTED]S4ξ: sub rosa directive: assassinate G.E.

    Assistance: Andor's reprogrammed Imperial security droid serial #K-2SO


    Successful draft of J. Erso to liaise with Gerrera on Jedha.
    Report confirmed: Gerrera's organization and Jedha's Holy City destroyed by planet killer ("Death Star").
    J. Erso, Rook, 2 civilians (Chirrut Îmwe + Baze Malbus) extracted by Andor + K-2SO.
    Intel acquired: led to Imperial laboratory on Eadu.
    Andor's ship crashed on Eadu, assumed lost. X-Wing squadron dispatched.
    K-2SO reestablished communications. Andor requested delay on squadron support. Unable to comply, squadron already engaged. G. Erso killed.
    Andor delivered J. Erso to Base One to report on message she received from G. Erso [REDACTED] re: Death Star weakness.
    Allied Council vetoed further action.
    Mission closed.

    Before receiving new orders, Andor unilaterally recruited volunteers from Alliance military and SpecForce to assist Erso (with K-2SO, Rook, Îmwe, and Malbus) in retrieving Death Star schematics from Imperial base on Scarif.
    Took stolen Imperial cargo shuttle SW-0608 ("Rogue One") to infiltrate Scarif Base.
    Schematics successfully accessed and uploaded to Alliance support forces.
    Death Star destroyed Scarif Base. Andor declared dead with rest of Rogue One unit.

    Personal assessment: Captain Andor was one of the most capable agents within Rebel Intelligence, our best and brightest, with consummate judgment and unwavering loyalty. Rogue One mission was unsanctioned but undertaken in the face of the Council's proposal to disband the Alliance and surrender to the Empire. Without Rogue One, the rebellion would have ended. Recommendation: memorialize with honors.

    (Supplementary sources: wookieepedia, Rebel Dossier, Ultimate Visual Guide)


    Dec. 21st, 2016 04:42 pm
    candor1: (Jedha . atrapado . mirando)
    Excerpts from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,
    novelization by Alexander Freed
    based on a story by John Knoll and Gary Whitta
    and screenplay by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy
    hardcover edition ©2016

    p21 )
    p22 )
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    p23 )
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    38 )
    p40 )
    p41 )
    p42 )
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    p44 )
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    p45 )
    pp45-46 )
    pp61-62 )
    p65 )
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    p67 )
    p68 )
    p70 )
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    p72 )
    p72 )
    p73 )
    p73 )
    pp74-75 )
    pp75-77 )
    p80 )
    p83 )
    pp85-86 )
    p87 )
    p88 )
    p88 )
    p98 )
    p98 )
    p99 )
    p111 )
    pp112-113 )
    pp113-114 )
    pp115-116 )
    p116 )
    pp118-119 )
    pp124-125 )
    p127 )
    pp128-129 )
    p130 )
    p131 )
    pp136-138 )
    p138 )
    p139 )
    pp140-142 )
    pp142-143 )
    p145 )
    p149 )
    pp148-149 )
    p149 )
    p150 )
    pp150-151 )
    pp152-154 )
    pp157-158 )
    p161 )
    pp163-164 )
    p165 )
    p168 )
    pp168-169 )
    p169 )
    pp170-171 )
    pp182-185 )
    p185 )
    p193 )
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    pp202-204 )
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    image caption insets )

    From Star Wars: Rebel Rising
    by Beth Revis, © 2017 Disney-Lucasfilm Press

    p? )

    From Rebel Dossier: Info & Intel on the Rebellion's Bravest Band of Spies
    by Jason Fry, © & TM 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd.

    kids' book: no page numbers )

    From The Ultimate Visual Guide
    by Pablo Hidalgo
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    Alliance Intelligence )

    Security Bypass )

    The Hard Calls )

    Intelligence Operative )

    Multifunctional Weapon )

    Other Gear )

    random )


    Jan. 26th, 2015 09:56 am
    candor1: (Yavin . andén . no ella)
    .: 001 :. The gun is less threatening than the lie (Draven POV: pre-, mid-, and post-film)

    .: 002 :. Stepping out of the smoke (Cassian POV of off-screen film moment)

    .: 003 :. The simulation pleased him (Kaytoo partnership origin)

    [All titles taken from Alexander Freed's Rogue One novelization]


    Mar. 7th, 2010 11:46 pm
    candor1: (Uwing . aún)
    Pre-Rogue One )

    * * * bridge * * *

    [personal profile] reexamined
    KX security droid - Arakyd Industries
    Pre-R1: Alliance to Restore the Republic Military: SpecForce acquisition - aide to Captain Andor
    Cassian had declined to take on a partner or work with a steady team since Spectrum's destruction. After two instances of Cassian having to extract and deliver himself to Alliance medaid at serious (unnecessary) risk, Draven insisted Cassian change that. Cassian held out, until a compromise presented itself. A mission succeeded in capturing and neutralizing an Imperial KX security droid. Cassian obtained custody. With the tutelage of some of his intelligence network slicers, Cassian successfully repaired and reformatted the droid to Alliance loyalty. Then he pitched the compromise and Draven approved it. K-2SO was assigned as Cassian's aide, thus providing the support (and companionship) Draven had mandated (and Cassian had unknowingly starved for), without the complexity, unpredictability, and loss of unilateral control that biological life forms inevitably entail.
    [community profile] maskormenace: handwaved CR meme
    If you want to change the world, then speak real clear and make sure someone's listening … Everything comes in pieces … Try to ask yourself: Are you really different? Know that your life is more frightening than writing a song. It's an action of fractions you're passing along and these oceans of emotion will crash once they hit the shore (I promise you) And it's the closest I will get to sincerity. Every praise I make just looks so fake and crude to me and it's the closest I will come to purity. Simulations never follow me. … My heart is made up of pieces. … You know all too well you cannot make things perfect. No, I'll be shifting through lists of these possible loves with this pain in my brain. It feels scattered like doves through the sky where my eyes have been drifting towards recently and it's the closest I can be to egocentricity. This overwhelming sense of rejection will sneak behind and tear at me and it'll slam me to the ground into reality and I'll deal with my disparity. … This is where I fall down shattered on the floor as I'm swept around with a million more, pieces of myself I once learned to lose though it never helped me forget the truth.[aU]

    I think it's getting to the point where I can be myself again—it's getting to the point where we have almost made amends. I think it's the getting to the point that is the hardest part. If you call, I will answer. If you fall, I'll pick you up. If you court this disaster, I'll point you home. I'll point you home.
    You think I only think about you when we're both in the same room. You think I'm only here to witness the remains of love exhumed. You think we're here to play the game of who loves more than who. But if you call, I will answer, and if you fall, I'll pick you up, and if you court this disaster…
    You think it's only fair to do what's best for you and you think it's only fair to do the same to me when you're not home. I think it's time to make this something that is more than only fair, so if you call, I will answer, and if you fall, I'll pick you up. If you court this disaster, I'll point you home.
    I'm warning you, don't ever do those crazy messed-up things that you do. If you ever do, I promise you, I'll be the first to crucify you. Now it's time to prove that you've come back here to rebuild.

    * * * [community profile] maskormenace * * *

    Jyn Erso
    [personal profile] kestreldawn
    Human - var.
    Detect my sudden existence on your sonar, feel the echo
    Electrify the resistance in your broken heart and burn it up oh
    We're gonna photosynthesize and drink up the sunrise
    • Let me uncover the silver in your dark hair, the weight of your bones
    I want to witness the beauty of your repair, the shape you've grown
    For you are made of nebulas and novas and night skies
    You're made of memories you bury or live by
    • So if you're out there in the cold, I'll cover you in moonlight
    If you're a stranger to your soul, I'll bring you to your birthright
    I want the storm inside you awoken now, I want your warm bright eyes
    To come back to me and hold on to me—you know I won't lie

    Mi corazón te abrí | (My heart opened to you)
    desde entonces llevo el cielo dentro de mí | (since then I have the sky within me)[LF/JLG]

    Bodhi Rook
    [personal profile] onlyeverdoubted
    Human - Jedha
    handwaved CR meme
    [ ]

    Han Solo
    [personal profile] carbonfrozen
    Human - Corellia
    CA on HS's chart
    [ ]

    Lando Calrissian
    [personal profile] bespin
    Human - Socorro

    [ ]

    Luke Skywalker
    [personal profile] faithfulson
    Human - Tatooine

    [ ]

    [personal profile] exsithstential
    Human - ?

    [ ]

    Poe Dameron
    [personal profile] flightforfreedom
    Human - Yavin 4
    handwaved CR meme
    [ ]

    Veronica Sawyer
    [personal profile] couldbebeautiful
    Human - Earth Eta
    Housemates in De Chima, with Jyn and Kay. They all like her dry, blunt, but good-hearted wit; she's relieved to be with people who don't spook. She's on a campaign to get Cassian and Jyn to eat more.
    [ ]

    [personal profile] snarkbot
    Human - Earth Delta
    Independently befriended both Kaytoo and Cassian, the latter coming to the defense of artificial intelligence being no less "real" than organic.
    [ ]

    Dooku, Count of Serenno
    [personal profile] dun_moch
    Human - Serenno
    Childhood hero who now freaks him out: Grandfather edition.
    [ ]

    Qymaen jai Sheelal, General Grievous
    [personal profile] generalgrievous
    Kaleesh (cyborged) - Kalee
    Childhood hero who now freaks him out: Idol edition.
    [ ]

    Armitage Hux
    [personal profile] therewillbeorder
    Human - Arkanis
    Everything one another hates.
    [ ]

    [personal profile] stretchy_girl
    TBD - TBD
    He has no idea he's met her three times. Or rather, has no idea the three people he's met on those occasions, memorable as they were, were all her. Much less that she's taken quite an interest in him and may start making her presence more acutely known in his and his loved ones' lives.
    [ ]
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